ABSI Launches SUAS Reserve Corps

ABSI Defense is pleased to announce the launch of our ABSI SUAS Reserve Corps.

The ABSI Defense SUAS Reserve Corps allows those with SUAS and aviation experience and interest to find rewarding part-time work that benefits first responders, uniformed services, emergency management and others utilizing small UAS to help protect our country and communities.

The ABSI Defense SUAS Reserve Corps is made up of former military pilots, current commercial pilots, former active duty and first responder UAS operators, and civilians with significant UAS backgrounds and interest. These operators are recruited by ABSI Defense to make up a pool of available operators we can call on for ongoing and quick-turn engagements.

If selected to be a part of the Corps, operators will be offered the opportunity to participate in the ABSI training program -- an on-site intensive program that will result in a certification and entry into our Reserve Corps. Corps members will receive notifications about potential opportunities to utilize their training and expertise on an ongoing basis, based on their preferences and stated availability.

High performing team members will be eligible to move into our highly sought after full-time UAS operator/trainer positions, serving some of the most demanding SUAS requirements in the industry.

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