By absiaero

ABSI Evolves Definition of "Support" in Novel Work

ABSI began life as an unmanned services support and training firm, and in many ways that’s still the firm’s bread and butter. That said, the term “support” has broadened significantly in the last year, capitalizing on the unique capabilities and experience of ABSI’s senior staff.

Currently, the company is doing work in support of a variety of novel unmanned platforms being developed through both private industry and government efforts. ABSI’s CTO, Cody Allee, has spearheaded the bulk of this work, calling on his extensive background in design support and review, software verification and validation, sensor integration, test and evaluation (system, simulated and flight), documentation, airworthiness and flight operations.

“The work ABSI is doing in support of these customers has demonstrated our flexibility across a range of requirements such as design, development and operation of a novel ISR platform and unique software,” Cody noted recently. “One interesting project involves support in initial system design and prototyping and Test and Evaluation of autonomous software implementation in optionally piloted aircraft. We are also excited to be offering flight test crew services for a variety of clients and to utilize our plane for low-speed chase efforts.”

In support of this and other work, ABSI maintains a plane capable of flying low-speed chase, which can be outfitted with various payloads in support of mapping, relay and ISR work. “We are very enthusiastic about our involvement in the rapidly developing world of autonomous flight,” Cody added. The firm has recently launched a unique modeling and simulation capability called SecondSky, which has applications in prototyping and test. “SecondSky also offers LVC capabilities for scenario building, flight simulation integrating live air traffic controllers, and training opportunities.”

To learn more about the unique work Cody Allee and ABSI are doing in commercial and government sectors, follow us here or reach out through our contact page.