Commercial Solutions

A variety of commercial industries have taken advantage of the innovations drone technology can bring to their businesses. From agriculture to real estate, and security to insurance, commercial drone technology can accelerate and improve the way we do business. ABSI Aerospace offers training and certification, as well as Part 107-licensed commercial operators and a variety of drones.

Architecture and Construction

High-resolution site surveys and analysis using digital surface modeling. On-site hazard awareness and crew safety monitoring. Up-to-the-minute status reporting for clients.

Training and Certification

Part 107 training and certification for commercial operators and businesses looking to employ drone services. Tailored curriculum, delivery and integration with Learning Management Systems (LMSs).

Persistent surveillance of public venues, detection and identification of unidentified UAS and operators, and increased awareness of potential threats.
Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery service, including search and rescue (thermal imaging and 3D mapping), damage assesments, and security. Payload delivery to isolated areas.