Mark Johnson, Director, Government Services

Mr. Johnson attended the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey and also graduated from the Naval Test Pilot School. In the fleet, he served in a variety of roles from search and rescue pilot to squadron Assistant Training, NATOPS and Quality Assurance Officer, and from Detachment Officer-in-Charge to squadron XO and CO. Mr. Johnson has accumulated more than 3000 flight hours in platforms including the UH-1N and MH-60R/S. He has held the position of Assistant Program Manager for T&E in the H-60 Program Office, and that of Integrated Program Team Co-Lead for the MH-60R Program. Prior to coming to ABSI, Mr. Johnson was the Tomahawk Program Manager, where he led a workforce of more than 800 employees as the program planned, developed and executed three new major defense programs, implemented a rapid strategy for the Maritime Strike Tomahawk upgrade and delivered the first modernized Block V Tactical Tomahawk.