Acquisition and Program Management Support

ABSI Program Management Acquisition Support CONOPS/CONEMPS Development Milestone Preparation

ABSI's leadership and workforce is made up of former combat operators, program managers, test pilots, logisticians, and systems engineers who've felt the pain of trying to keep the warfighter prepared in the face of extended contracting cycles, expiring funds, and urgent requirements. 

We understand the challenges created by the rapid requirements tempo and the extended procurement process, and we can help navigate the complex waters of program management, acquisition, and complex contracting. 

  • Offering milestone preparation, EVM Analysis, Contracts Management, NAVAIR/MCSC SMEs, PPBE Budget Development and Analysis, Risk Management, Trade-off Analysis, IMS Development, Execution Support
  • Acquisition strategy development, acquisition decision support, analyses of alternatives, capabilities-based assessments, APB development, cost analysis, CONOPS/CONEMPS Development, market research

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