Chief Technology Officer and Chief Test Pilot, Cody Allee, Completes Hybrid-Electric eSTOL Test Flights

By ABSI Marketing

In a groundbreaking advancement for sustainable aviation, our Chief Technology Officer and Chief Test Pilot, Cody Allee, has successfully piloted Electra’s pioneering EL-2 Goldfinch aircraft through it’s first test flights. The test flights, comprising an all-electric flight on November 11th and a hybrid-electric flight on November 19th, were executed flawlessly, demonstrating our company’s commitment to innovation and our pivotal role in shaping the future of air mobility.

Electra’s EL-2 Goldfinch, a hybrid-electric, ultra-short takeoff and landing (eSTOL) aircraft, is a marvel of modern engineering. Equipped with eight electric motors, it promises a new era of air mobility characterized by ultra-short takeoffs, reduced noise, and significantly lower emissions. This technology not only offers a sustainable alternative to conventional aircraft but also paves the way for efficient regional air mobility.

The successful test flights of the EL-2 Goldfinch are a testament to our company’s capabilities in pioneering advanced aerospace technologies and our commitment to sustainable aviation solutions. As we move forward, we continue to focus on pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, underlining our role as a leading force in the future of air travel.

An accomplishment of this magnitude is a big team effort, and ABSI is honored to be a part of the team – congratulations to Electra!

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ABSI is at the forefront of aerospace innovation, specializing in the development and testing of cutting-edge aircraft technologies. Our team of skilled professionals, led by visionaries like Cody Allee, is dedicated to revolutionizing air travel through sustainable and efficient solutions. With a track record of successful collaborations and technological breakthroughs, we are setting new standards in the aerospace industry.