ABSI Aerospace & Defense Awarded Prestigious Platinum Medallion from HireVets for Veteran Employment Excellence

By ABSI Marketing

November 10, 2023 – ABSI Aerospace & Defense, a leader in providing innovative solutions in aerospace and defense, is proud to announce that it has been awarded the Platinum Medallion under the HIRE Vets Medallion Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Labor. This recognition marks a significant advancement from the Gold Medallion awarded to ABSI in the previous three years, underscoring the company’s continuous commitment to veteran employment and integration.

The Platinum Medallion is the highest level of honor in the HIRE Vets Medallion Program, distinguishing employers who not only meet the stringent criteria for hiring and retaining veterans but also provide outstanding veteran integration and development programs. To qualify for this elite tier, ABSI met and exceeded rigorous benchmarks, including a 10% veteran hiring rate for 2022, retaining at least 85% of veterans hired in 2021 for a full year, and implementing substantial integration assistance programs such as dedicated HR initiatives and tuition assistance programs.

As a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), ABSI’s commitment to the veteran community goes beyond mere compliance with the criteria. The company’s efforts reflect a deep-seated respect and understanding of the value veterans bring to the workforce. Christopher Sacco, CEO of ABSI, emphasizes, “Our team, comprising 70% veterans, exemplifies the exceptional skills and dedication that veteran employees contribute. This award is a testament to our unwavering commitment to supporting those who have served our country.”

Remarkably, ABSI is one of only 11 small businesses in Maryland—and one of a total of 21 businesses statewide, regardless of size—to receive the Platinum award this year. Furthermore, ABSI stands out as the only small business within Southern Maryland and one of only two businesses in the region of any size to achieve this honor. This distinction highlights ABSI’s unique dedication to the veteran community, both in Southern Maryland and beyond.

ABSI Aerospace & Defense continues to set a high standard for veteran employment and integration, demonstrating that valuing and supporting our veterans is not only a moral imperative but also a strategic advantage in the business world.

If you are a veteran interested in joining ABSI, please visit our careers page at https://absidefense.com/careers/

About ABSI Aerospace & Defense:

ABSI Aerospace & Defense is a leader in innovative aerospace and defense solutions. As an SDVOSB, ABSI is dedicated to serving the needs of the veteran community and providing employment opportunities and benefits essential to military veterans and their families. At its core, ABSI is a technical solutions company committed to rapidly delivering emerging technologies and providing expert advice and support that create asymmetric advantages for our customers. This is only made possible by employing and retaining world-class subject matter experts and personnel equally committed to our mission. To support our workforce, ABSI offers highly competitive salaries, flexible work schedules, excellent benefits, instant 401K vesting and a full cafeteria plan that employees can tailor to their individual needs.

About the HIRE Vets Medallion Program:

The HIRE Vets Medallion Program, run by the Department of Labor’s Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS), is the only federal award program recognizing employers who excel in hiring, retaining, and supporting veterans. The program awards Gold and Platinum Medallions to large, medium, and small employers based on their commitment to veteran employment.